Olive Oil Wax? Never hear of it.

We know right! When we first came across it, we ordered some straight away as it sounded pretty cool. Soy is so last week, coconut so yesterday. 


Olive wax is 100% natural blend of predominantly olive wax with natural performance additives to improve burn and scent throw. This wax does not contain any  genetically modified ingredients, palm, or paraffin products. It is  bio-degradable and vegan friendly. 


It burns cleanly and evenly, though it does take a little longer to liquefy the top layer, so we recommend you burn it for 2-3 hours in your first burn to prevent tunneling. 


Olive wax doesn't have the smooth shiny top that other waxes have, but we think it is a better wax overall.


What About Your Fragrances?

Considering the creator of Yeah Nah is a Fragrance Specialist, the quality of fragrances is really important to us. Candle fragrances are a blend of natural and synthetic raw materials. Essential oils don't burn well in candles as the enemy of essential oils is heat and light, kind of what a candle is all about. Candle fragrances are created to withstand heat and light, be safe and give a good scent throw.


Our fragrances come from leading perfume houses and they are made within the guidelines of IFRA, the guiding body in the perfume industry. Our fragrances are created just like artisan perfumes, like the perfumes Samantha creates for her clients so they are interesting and complex. No burnt caramel or lemongrass and coconut smells here.


Why So Sweary?

People who swear are more intelligent. It’s a fact. Look it up. Also Aussies are known to swear a lot. An English relative once praised Samantha for her ability to insert a swear word into every sentence whilst remaining articulate. What can we say? It's an art. It remains the highest compliment she has ever received.


Do You Do Corporate Candles?

Shit yeah. Drop us an email


Candle Care

It is important to follow the candle care guidelines so you have the optimum experience with your candle. 

Candles are 180 g, and have a burn time of approximately 30 hours.

Before  lighting, trim your wick to 1/4 of an inch. 

Trim your wick before lighting each time. 

Make sure you burn for long enough for the top of the wax to liquefy totally to prevent tunneling. 

Our olive wax takes a little longer, so make sure you can burn it for 2-3 hours.   

Keep away from children and animals. 

Do not move a lit candle or leave it unattended. 

Place on a stable, heat resistance surface away from drafts and objects.   

Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time.

Extinguish  if glass becomes too hot   

Remove  any debris from the surface of the candle   

Do not  use water to extinguish the candle.  

You wick may become slightly off center, you may reposition is once blown out and before the wax solidifies.

Yeah Nah candles leave our studio in perfect condition. If the candle is left in direct sun or exposed to heat during shipping the fragrance oil may leak out of the wax. It will still perform perfectly, just make sure you burn the candle for a couple of hours so the oil can reabsorb into the wax.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Our packaging, bar the Petite Candle cups, is all plastic free and recyclable. The candle glass and can that it comes in can be reused or recycled, the shipping boxes are recyclable, we use biodegradable, compostable and water soluble packing corn and landfill biodegradable packing tape to seal your order.


Australian Shipping

Typically we use a courier service called Shippit, however if you live outside of a major city, we may send by Aus Post. You will receive an email with a tracking number when we dispatch your order. Deliveries using Shippit are carbon neutral. Australia Post has committed to reduce its carbon footprint. Please read our Shipping Policy


International Shipping

We currently ship to Australia and the US. We can ship anywhere in the world. Please send us an email and we can give you a quote


Refund Policy

Please read our Refund Policy here