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Io Saturnalia. Smells Like A F*cking Good Time Candle

Io Saturnalia. Smells Like A F*cking Good Time Candle

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Io Saturnalia! Smells like a f*cking good time.

This one is for the pagans out there! Io Saturnalia is something Samantha says every Christmas, and she really does bang on about the origins of Christmas. It's quite boring actually, so we let her make a candle with it on there to shut her up.

Saturnalia was a festival celebrated by the Romans at the end of December to honour the god Saturn. As it was mid winter, it was a festival of light so candles were lit all around Rome and were given as gifts to symbolise light in a time of darkness. Huge feasts were laid out in the streets, and it was also a time of subversion when well established social order was thrown out the window. We like subversion. Masters served the slaves, work stopped and gambling was permitted as well as dancing in the streets. Romans love to party, and Saturnalia was often celebrated with wine soaked um, how shall we say, 'sexy parties'. Romans would run around the forum and the Palatine yelling 'Io Saturnalia'.

When the Roman poet Statius attended Emperor Domitian’s Saturnalia feast in the late first century AD, he left this five-star review: “Who can sing of the spectacle, the unrestrained mirth, the banqueting, the unbought feast, the lavish streams of wine? Ah! now I faint, and drunken with thy liquor drag myself at last to sleep.” Sounds like a f*cking good time to us.

Each candle has a red snowflake that is hand poured and placed on top of the wax.

Our In Vino Veritas fragrance smells like the spiced red wine the Romans used to drink in abundance over Saturnalia. Probably while they were enjoying their 'sexy parties'. It is a rich, warm scent from the Spice Family.

Top –  Red grapes, citrus zest, green stems

Heart –  Red berries, carnation, nutmeg

Base – Oak, Black Pepper, Rich Spices

We offer Gift Wrapping as well. Just add to cart. Please note price is for one candle, if you would like us to gift wrap two candles, add Gift Wrapping to cart twice and so on. You get the picture.

Yeah Nah candles are hand poured in Melbourne using our unique olive oil wax, a cotton wick and fragrances created by leading perfume houses within IFRA guidelines.. Please make sure you read the candle care instructions before lighting them.


Glass, Olive Oil Wax, Fragrance, Cotton Wick.

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Candle glass is 88mm high 75mm wide

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